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Regency Drainage Brighton has been helping homeowners in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas for over 10 years. We have a long track record of providing excellent customer service and we are proud to be one of the leading drainage contractors in Sussex.

We offer all kinds of drainage systems cleaning and repair services, including emergency callouts and 24/7 support. We also provide a free, no-obligation estimate for our customers, so there are no hidden charges or surprises after we carry out our work for you.

Our ethos is simple: we only provide the best service possible. Our team is well-qualified and highly experienced, so you know you can be sure your drainage needs will be met professionally and efficiently.

What we do

We offer a range of drainage services that include repairs, maintenance and installations. We can also carry out CCTV surveys to assess any blockages or damage to your drains before carrying out any work on them. If you’re looking to install a new drain or repair existing ones, then we can help with that too! We offer all manner of pipe installation services including installing manholes and storm tanks into concrete floors as well as replacing old pipework with new pipes using traditional trenchless techniques such as pipe bursting and microlaying which means there’s no need for digging up your lawns or gardens!

Drain cleaning

We have a team of highly qualified drainage technicians who are skilled at unblocking and repairing all types of drains. From blocked sinks to overflowing baths and toilets, we can help you get back to normal quickly and easily.

Repair and maintenance

We offer a wide range of drainage repair and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial properties across Brighton and the South East. Our team is highly experienced in resolving all types of drainage problems, from blocked drains and broken pipes to complete sewer replacement.

We’re also able to carry out repairs on all types of manholes and stormwater drains. If you need urgent drainage repairs, call us today on 01273 257 331 or contact us online to arrange a visit from one of our qualified engineers.

Gutter cleaning and repair

Gutters are an essential part of your property’s drainage system. They prevent water from damaging the exterior walls of your home and protect the foundation of your property. If they become blocked with debris, this can cause problems for you and your home. Therefore, it’s vital that you have your gutters cleaned regularly by a specialist company like Regency Drainage Brighton.

Downspout installation and repair

Downspouts are drainage pipes that carry rainwater from the roof of a structure to a storm drain. If your downspouts are clogged, they can spill water onto your property and into the street, creating a huge mess. We offer downspout cleaning services to prevent this from happening. Our professional technicians will assess the situation and make recommendations on how to address it. They’ll also fix broken or damaged downspouts to keep them functioning properly.

Catch basin installation and repair and more

Catch basins are usually installed in a drain system to prevent rain water from backing up into the house and flooding the basement. A catch basin can be installed at the end of each drain pipe that runs from the downspout to the street.

Catch basins are also used to prevent sewer backups during heavy rains. When storm water drains into a catch basin, it passes through an opening in the bottom and exits through a pipe that leads to the street. The catch basin is designed to be deep enough so that any standing rainwater does not overflow onto your property. Regency Drainage Brighton has been installing, repairing and replacing catch basins for over 10 years. Our experienced technicians know how long they will last and what size is best for your home or business. We also offer design services so we can create exactly what you need!

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What we promise to deliver

When you hire our services at Regency Drainage Brighton, you can be guaranteed:

Commitment to quality

We have been in the industry for over a decade and have been delivering exceptional customer service to all our clients. Our team of experts is trained, experienced and highly skilled in their field. All of our engineers are certified by NICEIC and Gas Safe Register, meaning they meet the most stringent industry standards required by law. We guarantee that all of our work will be carried out to the highest possible standard.

Team of experts

We have a team of experts who are well versed with all types of drainage systems, be it residential or commercial, whether it is a simple gully or complex sewage system. Our team will look at each case individually and suggest the best possible solution for you. Our engineers are well trained and experienced enough to handle any type of drainage problem that you might face in your home or office building.

Affordable rates

Our rates are affordable as compared to other companies offering similar services in the market today. We believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to quality services being offered by any company regardless of what they charge their customers for their services because that is how they will be able to sustain themselves over time if they keep up with high standards.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you’re not happy with our service, we will come out again and make sure it’s done right. We will not leave until you are fully satisfied.

We work 24/7 365 days a year, so if your drainage problem occurs at a time when we are not available, we can send one of our emergency plumbers to help you out.

Our promise is simple: We will always use the best methods and equipment to get your drain unblocked in no time at all – and at a great price too!

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